Logo Design


CGH Media focus on the design of websites and company logos or artwork. The work we undertake for many clients is on new websites for their new business startup and often they have little or no identity when they approach us. We can help you reach that identity by custom designing a logo to work with your new website or organisation.

Colour and Branding

Whilst we don't claim to assist you in creating a brand it is important to think of your new logo as a brand as it will represent what your company is about. Choosing the correct colour scheme and font for text should figure high in your priorities. Strong design with a visible indication of what your company does will be the difference between success and failure.

When you think of all the popular brands you can visualise what their logo looks like and most importantly what the colour schemes are. If you take Coca Cola, you instantly think red and white. If you hear Microsoft you know that simple logo is black.


Brand recognition can take several years so you will need to make sure that your logo clearly stands for what you do as an organisation. If you had a picture of a piano and your company name spelt across the keys, I would assume it was something to do with music. Maybe your logo simply spells out your company name which in turn signifies what your company does.

If we took a music shop named after the man that runs it 'H Jones Instruments Ltd' we could assume it is a music shop, however it could well be other types of instruments (medical, engineering). As soon as we put that name across the logo with the piano keys, it instantly tells us the industry.


When we design a logo it will be designed in Adobe Photoshop with a high resolution and will be provided in PSD, JPG, PNG, BMP formats. We will discuss any images you want to use and integrate them into the design.


If you would like more information about our logo design services then please Contact Us. If are local to the North West of England we can often visit your premises and discuss your logo requirements further.

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