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CGH Media focus on the design of websites and company logos or artwork. The website design can be tailored to suit the needs of the customer. We will ultimately give the customer what they want although we will discuss best practices to ensure you are choosing the correct design.


If you could do anything to your website above everything, then make it useable. We know it sounds obvious but we see many a website that is full to rim of fancy video, flash imagery, animated menus and other gimmicks and yet we sit there searching for the website's purpose!

The site should be easy to navigate with the links clearly visible. People want to see the information they clicked for, they don't want to stare at your page for two minutes wondering where to find the article, product, or blog you wrote. Keep it as simple as possible and retain as much functionality as you can.

There are plenty of simple websites out there that look poor on the outside yet are serving their owners well. In website terms, basic can also mean, fast, less clutter, easier to navigate and less annoying to browse.


We believe the second most important part of a website is the design. The way a website looks can make someone continue browsing or leave the site. Websites that are difficult to read or find relevant information are the worst and will quickly frustrate a user. Sometimes it sound like a good idea to have all the latest flash menus and gadgets, although this may frustrate many users.

We would recommend going for a suitable colour scheme that is nice to read without straining your eyes and one that makes the user feel welcome. Ideally you need to focus on impressing the majority of people. We are not trying to attract the wolf, the sheeple is who we need.

We can make your pages, menus, and text look nice and appealing although the graphics of the website is up to you really. It is important to use the right imagery for your website and can be the difference between amateur and professional. No amount of pretty colours, menus and backgrounds is going to compensate for poor graphic images.


Programming is writing a set of instructions for the computer to tell it to do something. Websites use programming much the same as a traditional program; just on the internet! Whilst the code doesn't decide the look of the website it can impact on the way it is displayed in a positive or negative way, so it is important to get it right.

Our skills for programming are centred around PHP, HTML, Java and MySQL. With just these tools it is possible to build sophisticated websites to scale as large as you want. The PHP language is the most popular server side website language used today whilst HTML is the core of all websites.

Java can be used to provide seamless integration to give the user a more enjoyable browsing experience. MySQL is simply a database that can tie the larger or more complex website together.

Luckily for you, we do all the coding/programming work and you just see the finished product.


If you would like more information about our web design services then please Contact Us. If are local to the North West of England we can often visit your premises and discuss your website requirements further.

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